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EasyWP WordPress Installer (Freeware)

Designed to make installing self-hosted WordPress, one of the most popular blogging platforms available today, even easier than it currently is, especially for those who may not have (or may not know how to take full advantage of) root access to the server where they wish to host their blog. The normal process for installing WordPress involves downloading the zipped package, unzipping it, modifying and renaming the configuration file, then uploading the files to the server. The current WordPress package contains 515 files in 65 folders, which means that on a slower connection this process can take a quite a bit of time.

EasyWP removes the bulk of that hassle by downloading the latest WordPress version for you directly to your server, unzipping it, presenting you with a simple form to complete for the configuration file parameters, tests your database connection with the information you entered (allowing you to edit it if the connection fails), and if all is well redirects you to the normal WordPress setup to finish the process.

Instructions For Use:

  • Download and unzip
  • Upload easywp.php to a writable directory on your server where you want your new blog installed (can be the root, as long as PHP can write to the directory)
  • Visit the page (ie.
  • Fill out the form and hit "Go!".
Please note that the database where you want to install WordPress into must already exist, and you must have a valid username and password to use for that database. Also, this script is designed to perform clean installs, ones where the WordPress files are not already on the server (although the database can be from a prior installation).

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